20, rue de Rouffach 68250 Westhalten.
Restaurant open from Wednesday noon to Sunday noon.


Open from Wednesday noon to Sunday noon.

At Lunch: Arrival from 12 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. – End of service 4:30 p.m.

At the dinner: Arrival between 7 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. – End of service 11:30 p.m.

Our history

A family business since 1785

Member of the Alliance of Free and Living Tables, we are committed to highlighting the Character, the Generosity, the very Essence of our Region, by promoting its productions and recognizing the fair value of the work of our Local partners.

Visibility, Dignity, Fair remuneration to producers!

Above all, we offer generous, festive, delicate and innovative cuisine, respecting the Terroir which is the soul of our Alsace.

For 238 years!

Caroline and Jerome KOEHLER
Our kitchen

The alliance and the tradition of refinement

A skilful alchemy, which allowed chef Gilbert Koehler to obtain a Michelin Red Guide badge in 1990.

It is also and above all a subtle balance which allows our Chef de Cuisine David Hoffer to offer a fabulous menu that is constantly renewed according to the Seasons!

Air-conditioned room with 60 seats

The map

A refined cuisine constantly renewed according to the seasons,

by David HOFFER

The entrees

  • The egg at 64° 19€

    From the Thuet farm, Parsnips, Black garlic

  • Langoustine 29€

    like a Tzatziki, Vegetable Charcoal Chips

  • Alsace Duck Foie Gras 34€

    Green Tomato Chutney

  • Foie Gras Tasting 54€

    In 3 services

fish and vegetarian

  • Rhine catfish fillet 36€

    In the Mind of a Bitter Lemon

  • Skrei's Back 39€

    Lactofermented vegetables, Sabayon with Crémant d’Alsace


The desserts of our Pastry Chef

- The menus -
Our compositions of the moment

Our menus are available in a vegetarian version on request.


8-composition menu

From 96€ or 6 Compositions with 3 glasses of wine in harmony (10cL) 116€

In 6 Steps €96

3 glasses of wine in harmony (10 cl) 29

Food pairing and Chinese wild teas by Nana DING €27

Possibility of adding the Mature Cheese Platter €11



6-composition menu

From 96€ or 6 Compositions with 3 glasses of wine in harmony (10cL) 116€

In 4 Steps €59

2 glasses of wine in harmony (12 cl) 21

Food pairing and Chinese wild teas by Nana DING €19

Possibility of adding the Mature Cheese Platter €11

4-composition menu

From 59€ or 4 Compositions with 2 glasses of wine in harmony (12cL) 80€


Pink trout from Val d’Orbey smoked by us


Alsace Poultry Escalope, Label Rouge, with cream, Spaetzle


The Rhine Fish, caught by Jérémy Fuchs, following arrival, Spaetzle


Ice cream and sorbet from our Pastry Chef

Group menus

To book in advance!



Group menu - 56€

Amuse bouche


Like a meurette egg, organic sauerkraut and vegetable balls


48-hour Veal Paleron, Pinot Noir sauce, Spätzle with Organic Spelled Flour


The Chocolate Variation



Group menu - 67€

Amuse bouche


Gravlax of Pink Trout from Val d’Orbey, sweetness with horseradish


Line-caught Hake in Langoustine Broth, Seasonal Vegetables


Théo Kieffer’s ½ Roasted Pigeon, Leg Confit


The Classic Dame Blanche, Hot Chocolate and Grilled Almonds



Group menu - 79€

Amuse bouche


Carpaccio of scallops


Poached Duck Foie Gras Escalope, in the spirit of a pot-au-feu


Sea Bass Fillet, Bacon Emulsion


Beef from the Vosges Breed, Morel Sauce


The Morello Cherry Variation



Group menu - 94€

Possibilities of Wine Package from 26 €/pers

Cheese plates 9€/pers



Tous a Table is an event created in response to a Society in crisis!


Our goals :


1/ You give the opportunity to return to the Restaurant.


2/ Alert about the situation of Traditional Catering


3/ Take pleasure in meeting up, Discuss, Share a moment of conviviality!


1 MENU PURCHASED = 1 MENU FREE (79€ for 2)

Wednesday 6, Thursday 7, Friday 8, Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 March.



Alsatian Duck Foie Gras Mignonette


Natural Skreï back, Crémant zabaglione and lacto-fermented vegetables


Veal Filet Mignon, Braised Endives, Organic Spelled Spaetzle, Truffle Sauce


Latino Duo, Chocolate and Mango, Alsace Saffron Foam


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