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Light therapy

Want to start the day in great shape? Take a short break after lunch? We have the solution with light therapy sessions!

In the morning, these sessions allow you to start the day in good shape thanks to positive visualization.

In the afternoon, real turbo naps that allow for a recuperative break in music while stimulating the mind, result: Energizing!

In the evening, the pulsating colors associated with voices and music stop ruminating thoughts and naturally put the mind at rest.

Rates :


TURBOT SESSION (5 minutes) €8

TURBOT SESSION (10 minutes) €15

RELAXATION SESSION (30/40 minutes) €30


TO BOOK A SESSION 06 85 10 93 27
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Ayurvedic Wellness

Of Indian origin, the Ayurvedic massage known as “Abhyanga” is a basic massage with hot essential oils on the whole body, it is translated by movements on the whole body: palpations, smoothing, effleurages and pressures. These last ones, practiced in general during 1 hour, in underwear and entirely oiled, relax and reduce the nervous tension.

Ayurvedic massage Abhyanga = relaxation massage.

We offer these wellness sessions according to the method of Dr Shahid Nasim
which has adapted its massage technique and products to the needs of the contemporary world and western life. These sessions tone, relax and nourish the skin. They bring relaxation, well-being and give the body a feeling of lightness and energy.

Treatments offered:






ABHYANGA session 80€

(Toning and Relaxing Body Massage)


SHIRODHARA session 45€

(Continuous application of hot oil to the forehead, deeply relaxes the nervous system and releases tension)


TO BOOK A SESSION 06 85 10 93 27